Monday Short Story

A toddler’s independent adventure leads to a tragic and unexpected end.

Amy was my first trip into fiction writing, and it sat untouched for nearly 15 years before I dusted it off, gave it a quick polish and submitted it to be included in Something to Read on the Ride : A Charity Anthology (out of print). Later, I included it in my own short story anthology, which is still in print. This short story is offered free on this website for one week only. It’s also available in ebook and print, along with six other short stories here.


Paul B Kohler

Amy was just two years old, and needed to be a part of everything.  All she wanted to do was explore her surroundings.  How does this work?  What’s over there?  Or, what’s that over there, by that thing?

Her parents left her inside while they went out to shovel snow.  Tending to the weather was hard enough; adding a toddler to deal with would have been just too much.  Amy didn’t mind though.  It gave her time to investigate the places where she wasn’t supposed to be.  Her favorite place was the place where she took her bath.  It was fun.  That special place had a big mirror on the back of the door.  She liked to go in and close the door behind her.  She spent hours in front of that mirror.  Everything she did, the girl in the mirror did identically.  Was it magic?  Who was behind the door?  Why did she look like me?  All the questions went unanswered.

That’s not why Amy went into the bathroom today.  She wanted to know what was behind the small doors beneath the sink.  The doors would never open.  No matter how hard she pulled, they would never open more than a crack.  Her mom and dad could open them all the way, but they always closed them before Amy could see what was inside.

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